Kohli entered the field wearing the wrong jersey

kohli entered wrong jersy vs pakistan

The frenzy surrounding the India-Pakistan match is so intense that it puts endless pressure on the players. Anyone can make mistakes in dealing with this pressure.

Even an experienced player like Virat Kohli can make mistakes. What is wrong? The Indian batsman entered the field wearing the wrong jersey. After wearing that wrong jersey, he sang the Indian national anthem with the team. After the start of the match, if someone pointed out the mistake, he quickly went to the dressing room and changed his jersey.

The Indian team's jersey is made by Adidas, a world famous sports equipment manufacturer. The organization has designed the shoulder of the India jersey with three stripes in line with their logo.

Kohli was wearing the wrong jersey when he met Tendulkar

In the ODI matches played before the World Cup, the color of those three stripes was white. However, the World Cup jersey has orange, white, and green stripes matching the tricolor of India's national flag.

While everyone in the team came out in tricolor striped jerseys, Kohli came out in white striped jerseys. After the toss, the two teams stood together to sing the national anthem. Kohli also hugged Sachin Tendulkar after the national anthem. Then get down to fielding.

There have been various discussions on social media about how a star like Kohli made this mistake. But many have claimed that Kohli is not wrong in this. Because, before the match, the team's kit manager leaves the jersey of the cricketers in a certain place. After practice, the cricketers return to the dressing room and wear the same jersey.

Kohli returned to the dressing room today wearing the jersey he received with his name on it. So it is assumed that the mistake was made by the kit manager.

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