Why Rohit Sharma Absent From Mumbai Indians Camp? Know The Reason

Rohit Sharma Absent From Mumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma is not seen in the Mumbai camp. Every member of the team has arrived but Rohit is not there. He is in the same city. It is known that he got injured. But if the injury is not giving an official statement why a party? Rohit Sharma is currently the enigma in the IPL.

Where is Rohit Sharma? Now this question is revolving in the face of Mumbai Indians fans. The team has started practice. The players have arrived. First the domestic players joined the camp, followed by the foreigners. Players are being developed under Malinga, Bouchers. But where everyone has appeared, Rohit Sharma is not there.

It has been a week since the India England series ended. Then the Ranji Trophy ended. All the players joined the IPL camp after Ranji. Many have joined before him. But Rohit Sharma is not seen. He was last seen on day four of the Ranji final, at Wankhede. He sat there and watched the game. He has not been seen since then.

Mumbai Indians are camping in Mumbai. As a result, even though the team camped in Rohit's town, Rohit was not seen. IPL starts from 22nd. As he was not allowed to join the team until five days before this, speculations have arisen about him. He posted a picture of himself on social media three days ago and recently he shared a video of the advertisement. Beyond that, Rohit doesn't care.

Questions from fans without Rohit. Will he play IPL at all?
The answer to this question is unknown. But as long as Rohit stays out, there will be speculations about him. Because recently he left Mumbai and went to Chennai Super Kings. Many people are bringing this issue forward.

Another source claimed that Rohit was injured during the England series. That is why he did not field on the last day of the last match. As a result, he is now resting for that injury. It is not certain how long it will take him to heal or how long he will rest. Although Rohit has an injury, nothing has been officially said about it from any side. All in all, speculations about Rohit are increasing. Questions are being made about his presence or non-existence.

Is Rohit leaving Mumbai?

Recently, a promo was made by the Dream 11 company. Where Rohit Sharma was seen in Mumbai jersey. However, Rohit was not seen in the promotions of Star Sports, the broadcaster of IPL. But after seeing him in a promo one is sure that he will play IPL this time.

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